Lindsay Jones

I have 10 years industry experience. I started my career in my home town of Manchester at the age of 15, working my way up to senior stylist and quickly building my clientele.

In 2010 I was lucky enough to be asked to take part in 'Goks clothes roadshow' working with the matrix creative team behind the scenes making sure the models were camera ready!

I then went on to fulfil my lifelong dream of working on-board a luxury cruise ship when I was offered a job on celebrity reflection as part of the Steiner aqua spa. I travelled the world for a year building my confidence, experience and ability to work with clients from all different backgrounds and cultures, my time on-board meant that I became a specialist in 'Sky high' Blowdrys, and evening hair. Women would come to me every morning for a Bouncy Blow Dry just for a day around the pool, then later again for a whole new style for an evening in the bar!

I am an enthusiastic member of the team and my passion is to make people feel gorgeous whatever their plans after a visit to the salon.

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